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Contribution of Christian Community in The Field of Education in India


Your browser may not support display of this image. Christians are still a minority in our Country They are not even up to three percent in population, though St. Thomas visited India as a Christian missionary in A.D. 52. Again, Francis Xavier another missionary came to India to propagate Christanity in 1542. In spite of all these, Christians remain a meager minority of this country. Why it happened so? One of the main reasons, is that there were no kings or emperors in this country to sponser these missionaries, whereas Islam spread in the whole of India, because there were emperors and kings to patronize and propagate this religion. That is the case of Buddhism also. Buddhism originated in India. Emperors like Asoka, embraced this religion and sent missionaries to Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal, Mangolia, Japan, China, Ceylon and son on. In all these countries, Buddhism spread like wildfire and even at present, there are millions in these countries as followers of this religion. But the pity is that, at present, it has only very few followers in India from where it originated. Lord Buddha founded this religion when Hinduism degraded with its superstitions and evil practices. Actually Buddhism is only a refined form of Hinduism. That is why it could not retain so many people in India to its rank and file.

Christianity is one of the predominant religions in the world. It is the main religion in Europe, United States, Canada, Australia and so on. In almost all the countires of the world like Asia, Africa, Latin America, Philipinese, Newsland etc, Christianity has its followers. So far as India is concerned, there are only a few states like, Kerala, Goa, Nagaland, Assam etc.. where the Christian population is not meager. Now in many of the Northern Indian states Christian missionaries face threat to their lives and Institutions.

Wherever the Christian community is there, they do a lot of charitable service for the uplift of the down-trodden. They do a lot of social activities to help the poor and needy. India can never forget the contribution of Christians in the fields of education and public health.

People of Kerala are proud of the High literacy, of our state. When compared to Kerala, almost all the Indian states are far behind in the field of education. How we could achieve this covetable position? When the kings ruled Travancore, admission to Govt. Schools and Colleges was denied to the backward and scheduled caste communities. The Christian missionaries who established, educational institutions through out the length and breadth of Kerala opened the gated of their schools and colleges for everybody without looking into caste or creed. Thus the downtrodden section of the people of Kerala, got an opportunity to educate themselves in these institutions and they were able to secure high positions in the society and to inspire their communities about the need of getting educated.

Later the S.N.D.P., N.S.S. and recently the M.E.S. started so many schools and colleges in Kerala to give opportunity for their youngsters to get educated in their own educational institutions. But even today the Christian Community is in the fore-front regarding the number of schools and colleges they have, and the quality of education that is given in these institutions. The educational institution of the Christian community could mould a good number of leaders from the backward and scheduled caste communities, who later fought against the social inequalities.

Even in the cultural field the contribution of Christian community cannot be ignored. The growth and development of the Malayalam language is heavily indebted to the contribution of missionaries like Herman Gundart and Nidhirickal Mani kathanar. Nasrani Deepika which is the first daily News paper in Kerala is the Contribution of C.M.I. missionaries.

Though the Christian population is meager in almost all the Indian states, the very few people in all these states do a lot of service to the weaker section of the society. Among the Indian states Kerala is having the maximum Christian population and the Christian community here send a good number of priests and nuns to the different state in India for mission work. These Priests and nuns do their service in the remote villages of many Indian states. They start schools, Colleges, Hospitals and poor homes for the uplift of the downtrodden section of people in these villages.

These poor people were exploited by the Landlords in these areas for the last many years. They were working like slaves, in the Agricultural fields of these Landlords. When they got educated, they began to question these social injustice. That is why these fuedel Lords are threating the priests and nuns who work for the uplift of these poor people.

All the nations of the world have appreciated the great service Mother Theresa had done to the poor and destitutes in Calcutta. She never looked into caste or creed. We can’t understand the reason why some section of the people in India are criticizing the charitable service of the Christian community in every nook and corner of India.

Ours is the largest democracy in the world. Democracy will be successful only in a country where people are educated. But the curse of our country is the high percentage of illiteracy. The Christian missionaries who have migrated to different parts of India are conscious about this and they start educational institutions in places. Where they work. Almost all the reasonable people of this county appreciate the work done by the Christian missionaries in different parts of India. The contribution of the Jesuits in the educational field is really praiseworthy. Almost all the famous colleges and schools in different states of India belong to the Jesuit order. Nobody can disagree with the fact that though a minority community, Christians are doing yeoman service to the Nation.

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